“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.” – Warren Buffett

The Entrepreneur’s Intensive Program Will Transform Your Business: What We Learned From Working With 1500 Clients Over Decades of Good and Bad Times: 

If you are interested in receiving growth funding for your business …and learning the banking insiders’ playbook …this will be the most important message you will ever read. 

Here is why:

The climate for securing capital hasn’t looked this bleak since the crisis of 2008.

Business Loan Approval Rates Dropped by 50% in the Last Year

However, our Capital Masters,  Robert Hernandez and Rich Russakoff have successfully secured capital through more than one down cycle.


Dicouraged and disheartened too many business owners just give up!  

For many years people have been wondering whether it’s even possible to secure the financing that they need for growth. 

Many people think that receiving bank funding requires an expert who introduces you to the secrets of the financing world. However, all it takes is our Entrepreneur’s Intensive Program and the coaching our Capital Masters provide along with it…

Here’s How You Get The Help You Need 

We’ve just put the finishing touches on the Entrepreneur’s Intensive Program which contains the same steps we’ve used to help hundreds of businesses secure growth funding.

This is the complete A-to-Z guide that gives you everything you need to know to help your business create the right financial plan to keep cash flowing.

Everything you need to know to make the banks climb over each other to be your funding partner.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover inside the Entrepreneur’s Intensive Program…

    • The exact steps we’ve used to help hundreds of businesses receive bank financing – all the way from the initial planning right through to securing funding.
    • A highly experienced team including a Strategic Counselor, Fractional CFO and Bank Marketing Executives working for you.
    • The benefits of having a Credit Officer with 40 years of experience on your side.


Our Inbox is Overflowing with Documented Success Stories and Praise

Almost every day, we get more emails from recent customers… Business leaders who are absolutely thrilled and amazed that The Capital Masters method of securing bank financing is working for them. Fact is, we could fill more than 30 typewritten pages with amazing success stories just like these. But see it for yourself…


Shivers are running through the financial markets, and pouring down to small businesses and consumers.  How is it that given the immediate and profound ripple emanating from the first of several catastrophic events on Wall Street, I’m able to get five offers for bank financing?  Very simple – Rich Russakoff.  The package he prepared on my firm’s behalf was so impressive by virtue of its copiousness that banks felt embarrassed to consider saying ‘no.’”

Harvey Sackett

Founder & Owner, Sackett & Associates

These secrets are responsible for countless business’ success stories!

Remember – when you join the Entrepreneur’s Intensive Program you get the knowledge of our Capital Masters who have a combined 80 years of experience in bank financing – from both sides of the bankers desk.

You’re also getting a Strategic Counselor, a Fractional CFO, and a highly experienced Bank Marketing Team – the cost of which to hire independently could be as high as $51,500.

Not to mention your industry report and The Capital Masters signature loan package which will help your business receive the growth financing it needs – usually worth $3,500.

The Entrepreneur’s Intensive Program contains all of the above with a value of $55,000 specially priced for this mastermind group at $7,500!


100% Money-Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked

If you’re not happy with the Entrepreneur’s Intensive Program, for any reason at all, just let us know within the first seven days for a full refund (less deposit). 

No questions asked. And we’ll still be friends. 

Click Register Now and get the process going!


Bonus: But It’s Very Limited

The Entrepreneur’s Intensive Program has a limited number of spots as we want to assure we have the resources to give every participant the full attention that they deserve. And for a limited number of participants, we’ll also include our Business Borrowing 101 course for FREE!

This is NOT just another online course. This program is so much more than that.

This expertly crafted course is a complete one-stop-shop to help you develop a practical understanding of business financing.

This course usually retails for $497 but TODAY, you’re getting it as a bonus.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are The Capital Masters?
    The Capital Masters are Rich Russakoff and Bob Hernandez, who together have a combined experience of 80 years and have helped hundreds of businesses receive bank financing.
  • How many participants are in the Entrepreneur’s Intensive Program?
    This is a selective program with a small capacity to ensure each participant receives full attention. As a result we can only offer this program to 10 entrepreneurs.
  • How long does the Entrepreneur’s Intensive Program run for?
    The Entrepreneur’s Intensive Program is a 4 week course run by our experts, beginning February 2021 (Date TBC). Phase 2 and 3 are an optional additional 4 weeks each.

You arrive at a fork in the road. On the left is the same rough and rocky road you’ve been traveling all your life. To your right is the unknown road that appears different. While most people will follow the known road all their life, it’s your decision right now what you really want for yourself. We’re hoping you’ll choose the right road and join us today.


Let The Capital Masters guide you through the new reality to continued success:

  • Face the brutal facts about the current lending climate
  • Find out which banks are aggressively looking for your business in today’s market
  • Employ the banker’s insider playbook to help you make this happen

The Entrepreneur’s Intensive Program is a 4 week course run by our experts, beginning February 2021 (Date TBC)

Phase One (4 Weeks) – Our Fractional CFO, Strategic Counselor and Bank Marketing Team will work alongside you to create your master plan and loan package, with a one hour a week Virtual Mastermind session in a small group of fellow entrepreneurs.

Your master plan and loan package will include:

Part 1: Choosing the Right Loan

  • Types of SBA Loans
  • The Basic 7(a) Loan Process
  • Are You a Viable Candidate
  • Finding a Lender
  • What Turns Banks & Investers On
  • Why Fund Requests Are Most Often Rejected

Part 2: Creating Your Story

  • The 90 Second Pitch
  • Executive Summary
  • The Loan Request
  • Your Company
  • Sales & Marketing Initiatives
  • Management & Ownership
  • Your Industry
  • Financial Performances & Projections
  • Loan Request Summary
  • Exhibits

Part 3: Reviewing the Checklist

  • Transaction Summary & Cash Flow Analysis
  • Affiliated Businesses Review
  • Individual Guarantor Financials
  • Project Specific Items
    • CRE Purchase
    • CRE Lease
    • Business Acquisition
    • Debt Refinance
    • Equipment Purchase
    • Franchise etc.

Optional Additional Phases (Included in Program Cost) 

Phase Two (Up to 4 Weeks) – We will assist you in identifying and presenting your loan package to multiple banks to determine the best financial option for your company.

Phase Three (Up to 4 Weeks) – Your Fractional CFO and Strategic Counselor will monitor the banks progress until your loan is funded

The Capital Masters

Rich Russakoff & Bob Hernandez

Senior Consultant for INC. Magazine

Presenter of an online course at the gazelles growth institute

malcolm baldridge austin quality award winner


6 state regional manager for a top 25 sba bank

Combined Years of Experience


conferences & workshops presented at INc., fortune magazine, chamber of commerce and EO chapters globally

companies helped secure bank financing


Entrepreneurs helped understand bank financing and loan applications

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winners Coached

published in millionaire blueprints magazine, aba, score, and more


“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.” – Warren Buffett

The Capital Masters

Supporting your vision with strategic plans & a realistic picture of your business’ financial health.