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What kind of services do you provide?

We provide a full range of services to support business owners throughout the financing process, from basic pre-loan assessments to complete, white-glove application packages.

What is a complete white-glove service?

We undertake a full assessment where we review your business, your financials, the industry trends and opportunities and we’ll first and foremost tell you whether we believe you have a bankable loan. If you do, we take you through the whole process of writing a complete, compelling, thorough narrative. We make sure that we’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s on the financial side. We find you the right banks to talk to and we present the project until we secure the best loan and terms for your business.

What kind of loans do you do?

We do commercial lending, which may include commercial mortgage products, but nothing to do with residential for example.

Do you work with startups?

Yes. We work with startups and banks are interested in loaning to startups too. But we have to present credible business plan projections, show that you can repay the debt and that you are a strong enough guarantor. It is also necessary to have experience in the industry and to know the demographics.

How long does the white-glove process take?

2-3 weeks to gather all documents and determine if you have a bankable loan. If you do, once we’ve filled out the bank’s application form and given them everything they need, federal regulation B dictates they have 30 days to decide on it. Generally, expect 10-21 days to be in underwriting. Once it comes out of underwriting, if you get an approval, then it’s going to be another week to go over the documents with your attorney, your CPA or your advisors. If that’s good, then for a non real estate deal 30-45 days to close, for a real estate deal, 60-90 days to close.

What is the difference between your services and a broker?

We are full consultants, we work on your behalf, to put you in a better light and to get your package through at a bank. We also look at your strategic processes, your business plan and your projections to deliver a stellar and professional loan package. The bankers like it, they know us, and there’s a reputation to go along with the work.

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Rich is a master at helping businesses land the perfect bank loan – a loan structured so it supports the business model, marshaled through the process by the right banker for your business. All too often, business owners approach the loan process in a sloppy and shoot-from-the-hip manner. Instead, it’s a process that demands precision. Handled correctly, it can mean the difference between sleepless nights and peace of mind. Without question, Rich Russakoff is the best at putting together a loan package that makes banks compete for your business.

Verne Harnish

Author of 'Rockefeller Habits', Speaker & Coach

No matter the economic times, securing access to capital is priority No. 1.  When I needed to secure a banking relationship for a new global service delivery model, I turned to Rich Russakoff.  Rich and his team were fantastic to work with throughout the process. The bottom line: They delivered results.

David J. Galbenski, Esq.

Entrepreneurs’ Organization Global Chairman 2008-09 , Founder & Chairman of Lumen Legal

It’s September 17, 2008, one day after the collapse of Lehman Brothers.  Shivers are running through the financial markets, and pouring (not trickling) down to small businesses and consumers.  How is it that given the immediate and profound ripple emanating from the first of several catastrophic events on Wall Street, I’m able to get five offers for bank financing?  Very simple – Rich Russakoff.  The package he prepared on my firm’s behalf was so impressive by virtue of its copiousness that banks felt embarrassed to consider saying ‘no.’

Harvey Sackett, Esq.

Founder & Owner, Sackett & Associates

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The Capital Masters was founded to help entrepreneurs secure the growth capital they need to realize their full potential. Featuring an expert team of financing, marketing, organizational and analytical specialists, we provide a full range of services to support business owners throughout the financing process, from basic pre-loan assessments to complete, white-glove application packages.